PerDona Salon | Mount Vernon, WA
PerDona Salon | Mount Vernon, WA
Experienced Hair Salon | Perdona Salon | Mt. Vernon, WAPerdona Hair Salon owners Julie and Shannon | Mt. Vernon, WA

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PerDona is more than just a hair salon. We're a hair salon full of fun-loving, expert-level hair stylists who are committed to helping our clients realize their inner and outer radiance.

PerDona Salon Stylists

Julie Fisher, Co-owner | PerDona Salon | Mount Vernon, WA


owner + level 5 stylist
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Shannon Co-owner | PerDona Salon | Mount Vernon, WA


owner + level 5 stylist
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Salon Coordinator | PerDona Salon | Mount Vernon, WA


salon coordinator
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Katelyn - Hair Stylist at PerDona Salon | Mt. Vernon, WA


level 1 stylist
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Shannon and Julie, hair salon owners | PerDona Salon | Mount Vernon, WA

Our Story

The name PerDona came from Tuscany Per Donna, which is a scent by Estee Lauder that Julie used to wear back in 1995. Per Donna simply means “For Women” in Italian. We thought it was cute so the name stuck. Some years later, we had the opportunity to purchase the salon—just two hair stylists with young families who had never run a business before. It was scary but we totally went for it! 

It’s been over 20 years since then, and as we look forward to the next 20 years, we've started asking ourselves some hard-hitting questions.

Who are we, really? What do we want? 
There came the realization that these are the precise questions clients are asking themselves when they sit down in the chair—and, incredibly, with great vulnerability and courage, they let us join that conversation. Through this, it became clear that our role and mission at PerDona is to empower women to realize their inner and outer radiance. 
Co-owners Shannon and Julie | PerDona Salon | Mount Vernon, WA
If your mornings are hectic and you don’t have time to do your hair, we hear you! Let us give you a realistic routine that makes you feel beautiful and fits with your lifestyle. If you feel your best as a blonde but stress over upkeep—talk to us! We’ll design an achievable maintenance plan that fits your busy schedule. If you want to express yourself with rainbow hair, we say go for it! We may not be able to do it but will certainly tell you who can!

The point is, go for what you want. Be your own kind of beautiful! At PerDona, you can always rely on us to provide a renewing experience focused on your self-care, where we use our expert-level skills to transform your beauty into something you can see in yourself.

Julie Ann & Shannon
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Our Salon Beliefs


We support individuals in realizing their potential.


We listen to understand and connect with others.


We believe everyone deserves to feel beautiful and comfortable.


We encourage style as a form of self-expression and self-care.


We consistently provide exceptional service.


We stay current on the latest trends and expert techniques.
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PerDona Salon | Mount Vernon, WAPerDona Hair Salon | Mount Vernon, WA